Spark – HR & Payroll Software for RMG Industry

Spark from Aplectrum Solutions Ltd – the first-ever innovative, responsive web & mobile app based HR & Payroll software solution specialized for RMG industry. Employee information management and payroll processing are so easy and flawless now with Spark!

Unique features:

• Responsive web-based and mobile app, you can use from anywhere in the world with any devices including mobile phones.
• Highly-configurable-dynamic production bonus, OT, night bills, service benefits, bonus and advance payment.
Dynamic roster and shifting. Support for special shift allocation and Ramadan shift.
Analytics, Dashboard, and Custom Report to track productivity and performance.
• Payroll processing time reduced to 98%. Very fast and easy to generate and print payslip & salary sheet.
Multi-company features available including branches, divisions, sections, departments and employee positions.
• Automated attendance processing from different devices (Card, finger scanner, face detector etc) including employee ID printing option.
• Support for all type of leaves including maternity leave.
Security features to set appropriate permissions for users and roles.

Client list:

• Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd
• Suprov Composite Knit Ltd.
• Zara Denim Ltd.
• Galaxy Sweaters & Yarn Dyeing Ltd.
• More 12+