EagleEye – a keen order watcher for RMG industry

EagleEye from Aplectrum Solutions Ltd – the first-ever such a unique software solution for RMG top management to keen watch their orders in terms of budget and timeline.

Unique features:

  • Responsive web-based solution, you can use from anywhere in the world with any devices including mobile phones.
  • Track which stages of an order are over budget or under. Eg. Yarn spending was over by $500 compared to the estimated budget.
  • Track which tasks of an order are on time or exceeding the deadlines. Eg. Dyeing missed its completion date by 3 days.
  • Edit and manage your costing sheets online.
  • Create orders from costing sheet.
  • Quick summary of the orders.

Client list:

  • Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd
  • And more ..